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Come Join Lean Design & Construction Canada

By joining LDCC, you will become part of a national movement with a mission to build Lean deployment capabilities in our industry’s. You will be joining a think tank who are passionate about improving our industry, using proven and accessible means and methods that can be leveraged across all delivery models. LDCC is strategically aligned with members from all segment of our industry with the inclusion of academia and we are tied globally with organization of similar purpose that enables us to source, leverage and share emerging practices, material and expertise to benefit our industry members.

      Your membership investment will:

  • Enable you to join a community of progressive minded leaders that will advance the development of relevant resources, workshops, and materials for Canada.

  • Provide member companies discounts on learning sessions, webinars, conferences, and other events.

  • Allow you ‘member only’ access to emergent and best practice materials vetted by seasoned industry practitioners.

  • Allow you access to interactive problem solving and networking opportunities with like minded individuals with depth of experience.

  • Allow you opportunities to engage nationally on the advancement of lean in design and construction within committee work.

  • Support the growth and development of your regional Community of Practices (CoPs) with proven training materials and opportunities.

Select your category

Corporate Membership

This membership is dedicated to corporate Lean engagement and participation in lean communities

This membership is designed for owner leadership to foster Lean practices and joining Lean communities

This membership is delicated to public/private academic institutions engagement with Lean practices and contributing to Lean education

This membership is suitable for individual Lean pursuer who would like to be part of the community and contribute to Lean growth


1. VOTING Members will have 1 person representative for each membership

2. Specialty Consultants (including Lean Coaches), Vendors and other Support Organizations who are interested in joining LDCC as a participating member in our community, would be welcome to join through the ‘Corporate Membership’ category above. 

3. If you would like to explore advertising options and corresponding fees, please email us HERE.

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