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CEO Journey to Lean in Design & Construction

Lean Design & Construction Canada Is excited to bring together CEOs of four different organizations within the Canadian construction industry who each carry diverse perspectives and experiences with Lean practices. This panel discussion, facilitated by Dominic Desmarais and Ritu Ahuja will cover best practices and lessons learned from the perspective of senior leaders navigating their journeys in Lean construction.

Guest panel:

Introduction to Lean Design and Construction Canada

Please join us for this thought provoking webinar that will explore the benefits and rationale behind why more companies are choosing to adopt Lean Project Delivery as a new management strategy within their organizations. This will be presented by Dr. Farook Hamzeh, a well known leading Lean expert in this industry who has worked across the United States, Canada and the Middle East in both theoretical and applied roles on construction projects. This session will explore the chronic challenges within design and construction, discuss the behavior and culture connections, as well as identifying key strategies and techniques. This session will be hosted by Carla Ciepliski.


Dr. Farook Hamzeh (PhD, PEng), Associate Professor at the University of Alberta

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